Monday, January 12, 2015

New Year's Resolution--Post More!

My New Year's Resolution is to post everything I make this year, documenting with pictures so that I have a good record.  (I wanted to make my friend, Sue, a wall hanging for Christmas and couldn't remember if I made one for her last year.)  Time to keep better records if my memory is going. LOL

I started the year off making Mardi Gras purses for my daughter, Anna.  She will be riding on one of the Mardi Gras floats this year and wanted purses to throw from the float.

  A friend of mine, Denice, suggested using beads as handles for the purses, and it worked perfectly.  I used a pattern for tie purses that we had made in my quilt club this past year, and cut it down to a nice size for tossing.  Now, they are ready to ship off to Anna to add a little "bling"--gemstones and/or sequins to dress them up.

I put gemstones on a couple to get an idea of how they would look:

 I am really happy with them.  They were fun and quick to make and are really cute.  I'll post a tutorial soon!


  1. What cute little purses. That's a great idea for presents on our next Brownie and Guide camp.

  2. Thanks, Lindsey, for visiting my blog. I posted a tutorial, if that will help you.