Sunday, February 1, 2015

Good-bye Quilty January 2015!

January, like December, has been a busy month for quilting.  It all started when my daughter, Anna, asked me to make little purses for her to throw from her Mardi Gras float--anywhere from 10 to 30.  I took the pattern we had used for tie purses at my quilt club, cut it down, and made 27 Mardi Gras purses, complete with bead handles.  I put "bling" on a couple of them, and sent them on to NOLA so that Anna could "bling" the rest.  Then, I made 2 more for my friend's, Marlene's, granddaughters.  They were fun and quick!

This month in quilt club, we made reversible table runners.  My friend, Rosie, is a great teacher and a great quilter.  This is my finished project, and I love it.  When you finish, it is all quilted and reversible.

My husband is such a blessing.  When I mentioned that carrying 2 laptops in a backpack was pretty heavy, he ordered me an ipad.  Of course, the ipad needed a cover for protection.  I used the same fabrics I had used for quilt club to make a reversible table runner.  I used the pinks, blues, and yellows. After I got my ipad, my husband really loved it, and he ordered one for him--another cover!
This book fabric suited him much more than my pinks, and blues, and yellows.

Very good friends of ours, Brian and Lori, adopted a sweet baby girl, Nora.  I had been working on a quilt for her before Christmas, and I was finally able to finish it.  I love these adorable little girl fabrics!

Lastly, I had promised a quilt to another friend who was a little homesick.  Cindy, I am sorry it took me so long, but it is finished and will be in the mail this week.

I'm taking a Craftsy quilt class by Ann Petersen on How to Quilt Big Projects on a small machine.  She totally bastes her quilts with a spray baste.  Then, she irons her quilt to "set" the spray.  I put 2 ironing boards together to have a long enough surface to iron this quilt.  It worked really well, and I will definitely do it again for my next quilt. (I purchased an extra ironing board for $1 at the thrift store.)

Winter is really a great time to sew.  I've got lots of other projects in mind.  Next, library quilt number 4 for Anna's libraries in NOLA and an ipad cover for my sister, Carol.  Then, who knows what great quilting adventure will be next.

Thanks for taking time to read my blog and see what all have been in the works at my house this month.  I hope you had a great month quilting, too!