Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Tree Napkins

      My friend had made several of these beautiful Christmas tree napkins for gifts this year.  When I
      visited the quilt store in Washington, IL, I was given the pattern, so I have been busily making them.
      They are very simple and fun to make.  Two yards of fabric will make 10 napkins. (You can cut 2
       circles and 2 semicircles from a yard.)

The napkins are made in a 16" diameter semicircle.  Directions for making the napkins are below.               They are folded as follows: 

                    The first fold is to the right, leaving about 3".  Then fold the top piece (in this                                                              
                     napkin, the red fabric) back to the fold.

                        The 3rd fold is to tuck under the green fabric on the right along the fold on top.

To make the napkins, cut out a 16 1/2" circle.  I drew around a 16" platter, added my seam allowance, and cut it out.  Then I could sew on the line.

Then cut the circle in half.  (I folded the circle, then cut along the fold with my rotary cutter.  Pin 2 semicircles, right sides together.  

                                           Sew around the fabric, starting on the straight edge.  Leave
                                           about 3" open to turn the fabric.

                                                                  Trim the corners.

Notch the curves.

                                                           Turn the fabric right-side out.

                                         Use something sharp to carefully push out the 2 corners.

                                                         I used a wooden chopstick.


                          Turn in the edges that are not sewn and stitch shut.  Press again.

You are done!

These can be made with other fabrics for use other than at Christmas time.