Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas Gifts

I love making Christmas gifts for friends and family.  I made several this year.  I purchased a quilt pattern a few years ago, and these snowmen were across the top of it.  I thought they would make a really cute tablerunner--and they did.

I made this for our pastor, Tim Laird, and his wife, Betty Sue.  They do so much for our church and are a great addition to our community.  Betty Sue and I have become good friends.

 Ladies, don't forget to sign your gifts.  It is important to document our work.  This is the back of Tim and Betty Sue's gift.

I taught a lesson at our quilt club on this beautiful poinsettia wall hanging.  I made 3 for gifts and one for a benefit last year.  This year, I made one for myself and one for one of my very best friends, Sue.  I forgot to take a picture of Sue's (oops!), but I did take a picture of mine.  They are the same except I used a different border for Sue's.  I made one of these for Tim and Betty Sue last Christmas.

I like the 3-d effect of the red and green leaves.  They are made by sewing front and back together, right sides together, making a slit in the back, and turning them.  A simple seam to sew them onto the background gives them the 3-d effect, along with some red beads.

Another lesson this year at quilt club was taught by my friend, Norma.  She showed us how to make purses from neckties.  It is surprising just how much fabric is in one tie.  I decided to use my husband's ties to make purses for my 2 granddaughters and my daughter, Anna.  I also used my father's tie to make one for my daughter.  Then, I e-mailed my 2 daughter-in-laws' fathers and asked for ties from them.  My daughter-in-laws, Susan and Jae, were surprised to get gifts made from their father's ties.  I was able to put pins of mine on the ties made from my husband's ties and a pin of my mother's on my dad's tie for Anna.

The Bugs Bunny ties were my husband's, and the purses were for my granddaughters, Julia and Lauren.  The sunflower purse was from my husband's tie for my daughter, Anna.  The top left purse was made for Susan, my daughter-in-law.  The gold striped tie was made for my daughter-in-law, Jae.  I remember my dad wearing the blue and brown striped tie.  I'm sure Anna appreciates it and my mother's bumble bee pin. I think they will be great memory pieces through the years.

These are my gifts for this Christmas.  They were lots of fun to make.  I love giving gifts that I have made and hope everyone enjoyed receiving them!

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  1. I love your Christmas makes. The table runner is very cute and the poinsettia wall hanging can come and live on my wall any time. it's so nice to make gifts for people at Christmas and it certainly shows how much you care about them.