Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring? Where Oh Where Art Thou?

Well, the spring flowers were lovely, but have been buried by snow this week.  If you look at my last post, you will see the flowers.  This is what has been covering them:

We ended up with about 12 inches.  It's been a long time since I have seen that much snow here at one time.
It was beautiful, especially at night.

I've finished my rag quilts and am moving on to other projects--a cute wall hanging pattern I found in Quiltmaker that I will be showing later when it is finished.  Then, I need to get back to my daughter, Anna's, quilt.  It is a difficult project so somewhat intimidating.  It will be fine once I get back into it.  I will post pictures as I finish those beautiful blocks.

I have been enjoying the beautiful embroidery projects on the blog hop from  Visit tht site to get a listing of those involved.  I am greatly impressed with all of the wonderful talent out there.

The temperature  is warming up--in the 40's yesterday and today, so the snow is melting.  A good Samaritin plowed out half of our long lane Monday evening so we were able to get out of our drive since we keep our mini-van parked down farther from our house.  Thank you to whomever plowed us out!


  1. It is really pretty, but I do feel your pain as we are still sitting in 3 feet of snow here. Hope it melts fast for you. :)

  2. Brrr! We got it and now it's gone but Monday starts colder stuff all over again...It is pretty and since the bulbs haven't emerged yet the snow is actually good for them. Nice blankets.
    Thanks for popping in over at my blog...The HOP was fun and I finally finished.
    I'm using BlogLovin' for my reader and I just added you to my list.
    Happy Stitching/Quilting,

  3. But just think, it'll be easier to find your Easter eggs. LOL
    Sorry you have to deal with MORE snow. It's finally feeling like Spring in western Colorado.