Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Julia's Birthday

My granddaughter, Julia, is turning 11.  Happy birthday, Julia!  She loves owls, so I made her an owl wall hanging for her room.  How many 11-year-old girls do you know who can't think of anything they want for their birthdays?   Well, Julia is one, and she is very special.

Here is a photo of the owl wall hanging I made for her.

It looked really nice hanging on my living room wall.  I may have to make another one when I have time.  I machine appliqued the owl, oak limb, and acorns.  I shaded in the bars on its wings using a brown colored pencil.  I stepped out on a limb (pun intended!) and machine quilted this project, around the objects, then used FMQ to try and show the movement of the owl's wings.  I'll share a couple more pictures that are closer so that you can see the detail:

This was the first time I used my Janome 7700 to make a quilt label for the back, and I was very pleased with the outcome.

The applique pattern was taken from a Ryan McKenna pattern.  I simplified by using one fabric for the back and leaving out the baby owls and a squirrel.  I was really pleased when I finished, and I mailed it to my granddaughter.  I hope you like it, Julia!

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  1. Kathy your wall hanging is beautiful and since Julia likes owls I think she will love it. The bars on the wings work really well and you quilting looks great. You definitely get the idea of the movement as the owl gets ready to land.

  2. That is really nice, I'm sure she'll love it. I like making things for grand kids.

  3. Really Cute! I love making things for my grandkiddos!

  4. Really darling little quilt, your granddaughter should love it. Those wings really do add movement, thank to the lines and the quilting.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and, yes, there are a few quilt shops in NOLA. Here's one you might appreciate because of this post: The Quilted Owl on Jefferson Hwy. It should be fairly easy to find since Jefferson Hwy is a major street in NO. Just don't go till after Wednesday.

  5. Very beautiful. Your grand daughter is also very lucky to have a grandmother who knows her and loves her and gifts her so well. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks also for stopping by my blog and leaving lovely comments ... :) Pat

  6. WOW this is amazing. I love it. Wish I could do something like this - maybe one day if I live long enough. I also have to live long enough to use my stash but I'm starting today. Thanks for sharing.