Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Quilting for Friends

This year, I decided to make my gifts for some of my friends and family.  Sue and her husband, Terry, are our best friends and traveling buddies.  This past spring, we went to Alaska--a one-week cruise, then inland for a week, renting a car and traveling where we wanted.

At Seward, we took a day trip on the Kenai Fjord seeing lots of wildlife.  The wall hanging I did for Sue is to remind her of the whales we saw on that trip.  What an exciting day!  We would love to go back.

My secret prayer partner from church this year was one of my oldest--well, not age wise, but length of friendship wise--and dearest friends, Rosie.  We enjoy getting together to work on quilts or cards.  I did not participate in the Holiday Lane blog hop, but after viewing the beautiful pillows and wall hangings that quilters had made, I decided to use this pattern for a Christmas gift for Rosie. Jill of Jillily Studio designed the pattern.  Thanks, Jill, for making it available.  I wanted it to be something she could use year-round, so I left out the snow.  I'm more of a dark or muted fabric lover, while Rosie likes bright, cheery fabrics.  This was definitely made with her in mind, although I have to admit, I like the way it turned out.

                               Rosie loves animals, so I added some buttons for more detail:

A cat, an owl in the tree, and a dog watching the owl.

A cat in the window.

A dog next to the door.
I also added buttons for the doorknobs.

This pattern was lots of fun.  I hope to make it again, maybe for winter, maybe in other colors, but I definitely want to make another one!  Thanks again, Jill, for the pattern.


  1. Kathy, I LOVE IT I think you were the only one who did it with such lovely bright doubt your friend would have loved the windows and doors...and the starry sky..nice touch

  2. What a great gift! I love it, and with your permission, would love to post it on my architecture, quilts board on Pinterest. Please let me know via email ( I've read several posts and love your spiral tablerunners. In fact, I admire your gift work in general. How wonderful that you take time to make gifts for your family and friends.